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Reach Your Highest Potential in Computer Science, Logical Reasoning, and Math

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Give you child or yourself the chance of developing much needed skills for the near future: logic, problem solving, critical thinking, and reasoning skills, while reaching their highest potential in computer science and math.

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The computer classes we offer are interactive and fun, and kids love them. Each student is challenged by ability level, not by age only, using games, puzzles, robotics, and other engaging activities. They are outperforming their teachers and parents expectations in very little time.

computer classes for kids

Do you feel that your child needs more than what the regular school offers? Do you think there are untapped technical skills that will be useful for the future? We hear you. We are here to offer the technical education that our school typically lack.

One more reason to enroll your child in computer classes?

Computer Science has never been widely taught at the K-12 level in the United States, but it surely has been all over Europe, Canada, Asia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. We are looking at a serious shortage of technically skilled workers. Our next generation comes completely unprepared.

At Net IT Tech we thrive to introduce the fundamental concepts of computer science to all students, working at their own pace and level. Through fun and engaging activities, students build a strong foundation for going into the technical fields of the future.

We follow the CSTA core set of learning standards designed to provide the foundation for a complete computer science curriculum and we adapt the pace of the classes so that every child reaches their maximum potential. Also, we follow the Common Core standards, so that teaching builds on and deepens the understanding of different math principles.

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